Tripping Over the Truth

I am sure Dr. Baucom has already posted about my attending the meeting “Tripping Over the Truth” in Baltimore earlier this month. I attended this meeting and learned a lot and I thought I would like to share more with you about this meeting as it was dedicated to cancer metabolism and new interesting alternative ways to complement treatment for cancer.

I was fortunate to see my friends Dr. Thomas Seyfried and Dr. George Yu.  Dr. Seyfried is an expert in the field of cancer as a metabolic disease and published a very thorough book entitled “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer“.  Dr. Yu was one of the founders of the “Tripping Over the Truth Retreat”.

Dr. Seyfried & Dr. Elliott
Dr. George Yu

I gave 2 major presentations and conducted two questions and answers break out sessions. Our presentations on Mitochondrial Organelle Transplantation to treat cancer and Mitochondrial dysfunction was well received. I also learned a lot about other techniques.

Dr. Elliott on a panel discussion

I am now definitely convinced that cancer is a metabolic disease as well as genomic and it looks as if mitochondrial dysfunction is the first thing to occur in all of the nuclear and genomic instability as down stream consequence of a defect in mitochondrial dysfunction. The main problem is getting mainstream medicine and mainstream medical oncology to recognize this fact. In fact, if true since all of the emphasis in the last 30-40 years has been on genomic instability and mutations this has delayed progress in cancer therapy.

I am convinced that our mitochondrial research is on the right track and there is much more to be done. My biggest fear is that time is running out for me before we can truly accomplish this mission and the present biggest problem is the money it will take to prove unequivocally the proof of principle for this new concept that has wide range possibilities to impact cancer, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Dr. Elliott’s poster presentation on Mitochondrial transplantation

Hopefully, my team can address the financial problems soon and later this week or early next week I will list some ideas about resolving that problem. I will give you a synopsis and history of our Breast Foundation that we started in 1977. More to come…..thanks and stay tuned. God Bless you and all of your family this holiday week!

Robert L. Elliott M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.POSTED ONNOVEMBER 7, 2017

Cancer Immunology Update

To All of our Friends,

I am sorry that I have been away for some time but we have been extremely busy. I attended The Cancer Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy meeting in Boston and we had a poster presentation on what can inhibit tumors and what is immunosuppressed in the tumor micro environment. We had a good response.

Dr. Elliott & Mr. Jiang’s Poster presentation

I also just recently submitted another paper on the overuse of antibiotics and how they affect the human micro biome causing mitochondrial dysfunction and possibly promote tumor agenesis which means promoting possibly the development of cancer. We are getting some good reaction about this possibility and another man just published a book and his name is Dr. Martin Jay Blaser.

Dr. Blaser focuses his research on bacteria and the human micro biome. He recently published a book entitled “Missing Microbes How Antiobiotic Over Usage is Causing Modern Plagues.”

Last week, I went to Baltimore to a meeting called Tripping Over the Truth and it is focused on the alternative treatment of cancer and cancer metabolism. I gave two presentations while I was up there and will be appearing with experts on two discussion panels.

I have also been contacted by a film production company to do a documentary of the symposium, and they would like to interview me about our work on mitochondrial dysfunction and cancer metabolism. When I get more information on the documentary, I will let all of our friends know where they can obtain this information.

The work on the mitochondrial research and the effect of antibiotics and the use of mitochondria is going really well with our new imaging system.  Wit our new imaginary system, we can do live cell imaging and time lapse photography and videos on what is going on in these cells after they are exposed to different agents.

We will need a lot of support for our work because I now realize that some of our mitochondrial work may lead to improving neurodegenerative disorders like Parkins, Alzheimer’s, and maybe even ALS. We will be giving

I will give you more updates soon! I wish all of you well for the Holiday Season and please share with your friends about our work and hopefully if you can have a fund raiser soon to raise money to support this mission and finish the mission before the good Lord wants me.  God Bless all of you.

Robert L. Elliott, M.D., Ph.D.