The Foundation

One of the primary goals of the Elliott-Elliott-Baucom Center has been not only to treat breast cancer, but to discover new more effective treatments that will slow cancer growth and possibly destroy the cancer altogether.

Through our own intensive research, we have made great advances. We have discovered that certain biological factors will tell us how fast a tumor is growing. We have also developed and patented a vaccine used in the treatment of breast cancer and one for the treatment of prostate cancer.

By continuing our own work along this path, as well as by collaborating with other physicians and scientists in this country and in Europe, we are able to bring new hope to our patients. Now, more than ever before we see on the horizon, the kinds of treatments that could eventually help us prevent more loss of life to breast cancer.

The Elliott-Elliott-Baucom Center has privately funded the majority of its research thus far, however the need for additional funding is great, for us to continue to work toward new treatments and diagnostic procedures.

Dr. Elliott has created the Sallie Astor Burdine Breast Foundation to accept donations from private sources. The Sallie Astor Burdine Breast Foundation is a not for profit organization. All contributions are fully tax-deductible. (Tax I.D. #59-7800251)