Sarcoma Remission with Ketogenic Diet

Good morning and I hope everyone is doing well.  We thought we would share an amazing testimony from a young man who has been battling a large abdominal liposarcoma. He has personally seen this video and approved for us to use it.  He hopes that his story may help someone else facing the same problem.

We were very privileged to have him speak about his difficult journey through both surgery and multiple chemotherapy treatments. Following his first course of chemotherapy, it wasn’t long before he had a recurrence. He tried different chemotherapy drugs, and after being almost bedridden with traditional chemotherapy, he chose another treatment route.

He has been doing the ketogenic diet for several weeks, and as he states in the video, he feels better than he ever has!  He has lost over 20 lbs in abdominal girth in the last several weeks.

While there is research supporting the ketogenic diet and certain cancers like breast, colon, lung, prostate, and glioblastoma; there has been very little data on sarcoma’s and the ketogenic diet.  We are encouraged by his initial success and will keep you posted. As for right now, he feels great and we will continue to pray for his success.

Click on the link to see his video!


Robert L. Elliott MD, PhD., D.Sc