New Cancer Immunometabolic Clinic Video

Here is a video with me (Dr. Robert Elliott) and Mr. Mike Lovell discussing our new approach to our Cancer Immunometabolic Clinic. I am excited that Mr. Lovell will be available all of our many patients, especially all of our cancer patients.  Mr. Lovell has extensive expertise in designing an individualized nutrition plan for all people.  He believes there is not enough nutrition in the food we currently eat and has had excellent results with simple changes in diet.

Every patient, whether you have cancer or not, can make an appointment with Mr. Lovell.  Mr. Lovell will be at our office several days a week in the afternoon to meet with new clients.  If you are interested in meeting with Mr. Lovell, please talk to the front desk and schedule  your appointment.

I think this will be a wonderful adjunct to our current treatment of cancer. I have always believed in supporting the whole patient, which includes supplements, vitamins, and the immune system.  We can’t ignore these areas when treating people for cancer.