Catherine Baucom, M.D.

Dr. Baucom is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She earned her medical degree and completed her general surgery residency from Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans.  She completed her surgical internship at the University of Mississippi in Jackson, Mississippi.  She was elected Chief Surgical Resident during her last year of general surgery training.  She also earned her PhD from Tulane University Health Science Center in the Neuroscience Graduate Training Program.  She joined The Elliott Breast Center in July 2011.

Dr. Baucom understands the importance of breast care and the needs of women suffering from breast cancer.  Dr. Baucom joined the Elliott Breast Center due to the unique approach to breast health.  Our comprehensive breast center uses the latest diagnostic technology in breast health and cancer screening.  These include digital mammography, real-time breast ultrasound (performed at the time of the office visit), thermography and an individualized physician examination.

Dr. Baucom enjoys the unique, compassionate, individualized, and comprehensive approach to breast health and breast cancer screening.  She understands the importance of having each mammogram read and discussed with the patient before the patient’s breast exam.  Each patient knows the results of her mammogram and ultrasound before she leaves the office.


Dr. Baucom is also pleased to be a part of innovative breast cancer health including the implementation of the contrast enhanced digital mammogram.  The Elliott Breast Center was the first center in the south to implement this technology, which is called Senobright.  The Senobright technology has been beneficial in detecting early cancer in dense breast tissue, and for localizing suspicious masses in the breast.


Women who are seeking individualized treatment for their breast health should come visit the Elliott Breast Center for the comprehensive and innovative breast care.